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The Power of Sankalpa – best wishes for 2019

The Christmas / New year period can be a fairly up and down time and I am very thankful for my Yoga practices. In addition to  some very simple asana, abdominal breathing, mooladha bandha, sankalpa and the practice of witnessing all help to negotiate and smooth out the ride as buttons get pushed and old stories play out.

As I do my practice I am constantly reminded that Yoga is an amazing, very practical life tool, but that it doesn’t work in the bottle. Those of you from our hometown of Newcastle may have known or know of Jack, the former owner of Natural Tucker in Cooks Hill. I picked up a bottle on a shelf one day and asked Jack, “does this work?” He dryly replied, “not in the bottle”. I have never forgotten that. The take home message being that you actually have to do something to experience its benefits.

Buying something and saying “I am going to do this” can be easy, but it’s the doing that we often find hard. How many times have you experienced real benefit from something you have been doing and then wake up one day to find it has disappeared, and not long after so has the benefit. This often happens just at the time you need it most, when life gets too busy.  One Yoga practice that resonates with the New Year resolution tradition is Sankalpa, having a positive intention or resolve.  Your Sankalpa helps to keep you connected with what is important to you, and it is said that while many things in life may fail you, your Sankalpa never will.

As the New Year begins this is a little gift to help you develop or fine tune your 2019 Sankalpa.

Our intention for 2019 is to continue to share the wisdom of Ayurveda & Yoga in a way that inspires and empowers you to make good life choices. It’s the little things in life that make the most difference and our retreats enable you to pause your busy life for a weekend, or a week, or even 3 weeks, to reflect on how you want to live and reconnect with your inner wisdom and power to heal.

We have 6 retreats for you to choose from with a variety of themes, venues and length, both in Australia and overseas. Details and registrations here.

Our heartfelt wishes for a year filled with light and love.

Coralie & Mary