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Awaken your feminine energy…learn how to safeguard & nourish it.

It’s time to discover your own inner power to heal…

After many years of juggling multiple roles as a woman: a daughter; sister; wife; mother; grandmother; employee; business owner; student…my greatest learning has been that caring for myself is the first and most important step towards caring for my loved ones. The 2 wise women, Yoga and Ayurveda, recognise our unique health needs as women and offer time tested knowledge and practices to support our transition thru the different rhythms of life:

  • a symptom free monthly cycle
  • natural contraception and fertility
  • nurturing mother’s to be and their new baby
  • a gentle menopause transition

In addition to the understandings gleaned from my own experiences, my studies with two very special women have guided my understanding and approach to women’s health. Together, they provide both an ancient and modern context for understanding women’s health and spirituality.

Maya Tiwari, affectionately known as Mother Maya, reveals the secrets of the ancient texts honouring the sacred feminine and our inner power (Shakti) to heal.

Dr Claudia Welch, melds eastern wisdom with western analysis to make sense of the relationship between stress and our hormones and practical approaches in today’s world to correct imbalances.

Maya-Profile-2012Mother Maya’s inspirational story begins in a traditional Indian family then detours to completing her schooling in New York. By her early twenties, contrary to her family’s expectations, she had become a recognised fashion designer. Her subsequent journey of recovery from a diagnosis of terminal ovarian cancer at the tender age of 23, led her down an alternative path of establishing the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda in North Carolina, the Mother Om Mission in India, and taking initiation in the Vedanta tradition as a Vedic Monk. The Wise Earth Ayurveda school’s mission is to educate women around the world in recognising their own inner power and creative energy to nourish, nurture and heal. How to:

  • Safeguard their personal freedom
  • Connect with their inner rhythms
  • Recognise their innate power to self-heal
  • How to nourish and nurture themselves

cwClaudia Welch is a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and an Ayurvedic practitioner who lectures and teaches internationally in both traditions. Through her studies of Eastern medicine, extensive research of Western medicine and an innate curiosity she has compiled and written a book titled “Balance your Hormones, Balance your Life”. Her unique combination of Western medical analysis and Eastern wisdom provides a clear and very practical framework for making sense of the complicated particulars of hormones and women’s health. Her foundation message is about how stress sabotages hormonal balance. In applying her own learnings, she shares how it took her six months to be able to do nothing without feeling guilty. In a western world where stress is the major causative factor in ill-health I want to give one to every woman I know!

Our Women’s Health & Spirituality retreat in August draws on the work of both these amazing women and we are looking forward to sharing their wisdom with you at our favourite place in Ubud, the beautiful Narasoma Retreat centre. The perfect backdrop for our time together, a sacred space in which to explore our sacred feminine. During our 8 days together the diverse programme will include:

For MC

  • Cultivating and experiencing the extraordinary healing power of deep rest,
  • Giving and receiving traditional practices that nourish and nurture our feminine energy on all levels – body, mind and spirit,
  • Exploring and understanding the rhythms of our life as women
  • Revealing the science of how stress affects our hormonal balance, how that affects our health, and what we can do to restore balance.
  • Re-connecting with our inner power to heal and create,
  • Preparing and sharing delicious food and so much more.

If this resonates with your sacred feminine then it’s time to book. The Early Bird finishes on the 30 June and there are only 4 places remaining.

What’s next… Leading up to the retreat we will be sharing some insights into Ayurveda’s approach to the different roles and rhythms of a woman’s life: menarche, fertility & contraception; pregnancy; postnatal care and menopause. Knowledge to awaken your interest in your own feminine energy and inspire you to both safeguard and nourish it…

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xxCoralie & Mary

This is what is happening but is it really what I want?

I really love it when one of our newsletters or posts prompts a person to drop us a line and share what’s been happening on their wellbeing and awareness journey. Today I received an e-mail from a woman who was part of last year’s Living Loving Life (LLL) course. She told me she had been thinking about coming to Bali but…

“…life has been busy this year so far and I’m sure that is what I asked for but (I am) waiting to see if that’s what I really want!!”

I love this. First, she understands that she is creating whatever is happening in her life and secondly, there is a level of awareness checking-in with whether what she is creating is what she really wants.

This women is a professional health worker and when she finished the LLL course, in the final sharing she told the group that for the first time in her life she felt like she had choices. She could see now that life wasn’t something that was just happening to her, that her choices were creating her life, and in making different choices she could begin to steer her life in a different direction.

This is no small thing, in fact it is a really, really big thing. This understanding and awareness is the cornerstone to creating a life we love to live, not just one we want to survive.

Often, it is the big, obvious things that come to mind when we think about changing our life, things like our work, where we live, or our relationships. I have learnt however that being unhappy with life has more to do with our beliefs and attitudes than about what we are doing, where we are living and who we are with. In fact, what we are doing and who we are with are usually a reflection of our beliefs and attitudes.

If there is a part of me that is constantly seeking approval to feel loved, and through experience I have learnt that approval comes from getting things done, being helpful, getting it right or looking good…then no amount of wanting to stop being so busy is going to work. There will always be a reason why I can’t stop…there will always be someone to help…something to finish…or to get right. Because without that, I won’t get the approval that I unconsciously need to feel OK about myself.

One of my favourite sayings is ‘if nothing changes, nothing changes’.

Sometimes, even after making drastic changes like leaving a relationship or a job, we can find ourselves right back in a similar situation again…and again…and again. Why does this keep happening? When we find ourselves in these déjà vu situations, what hasn’t changed is our understanding of who we are and what we really want. Our outer circumstances may look different but if nothing has changed internally then often the new partner or new boss will begin to resemble what we thought we had left behind…again.

With the help of Yoga and Ayurveda I have spent the last 15 years consciously unravelling the old stories of who I thought I should and could be, to find who I am and what is important to me. Simply put I have been developing my awareness. I love how the wisdom and simple daily practices of these two wise women have helped me grow on all levels, and in doing so have changed me and my life in ways I could never have even imagined.

Take home point: The journey begins and ends with awareness. Life isn’t a goal to be achieved or even a destination, it is a path. Having Yoga and Ayurveda on my side is like driving at night with the benefit of high beam, it helps me to see where I am going, know if I am on the right road and avoid the potholes.

The next 2WiseWomen retreat is in August 2016 in Ubud Bali. Yoga and Ayurveda’s take on Women’s Health & Spirituality.